Brain Training Methods

Brain training is a daily commitment. It requires a consistent approach of completing tasks and activities geared towards sharpening the mind. No one wants to experience a loss of mental performance as they get older. It is the one thing many people fear.

Research shows that those people who train their brains and eat the correct foods have greater mental acuity than those people who do not. Brain training has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Short Term Memory Training

Unless you are committed to completing a dedicated brain training program, reading everything about brain training will not improve your mind. Your short term memory can only be improved by eating the correct foods and ensuring you have a good supply of omega-3 oils in your diet.

Supplements are a great way of making certain that you are getting the nutrients you need in the correct amounts. Taking a multi-vitamin tablet will contain all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy brain function.

Long Term Memory Training

Long term memory has the ability to be improved through correct nutrition and daily exercise. Memory has the ‘use it or lose it’ philosophy. The more you use it, the better it becomes. If you do not use it, you will most certainly lose it.

Some excellent ways to get your long term memory functioning better includes completing tasks you are already familiar with in a new way. Things to try include:

• Doing daily tasks with your non-dominant hand

• Getting dressed with your eyes closed

• Closing your eyes and feeling your way around the room.

Really think about texture, touch, smell and anything else to find an object.

Doing these simple exercises daily help challenge existing neural pathways and ignite new ones.

Brain Games

Brain games are specific exercises that have been created to challenge your mind on many different levels. Try different games that rely on different skills such as scrabble for increasing word power and Sudoku for improving your numerical skills.

There are many electronic devices such as the Nintendo DS, which have specific brain training programs on them. This is essential for those of you who are busy and on the go, as they can be done anywhere.

There are also lots of sites that are brilliant for completing certain activities. You could try the following:

Lumosity (Scientific Brain Training: Lumosity Brain Fitness Program. Only $6.60 a month.) is an excellent resource for a whole host of brain training games scientifically proven to help improve mental performance. Although this is subscription based, it is certainly worth doing for anyone serious about brain training. is a great resource that has a newsletter you can subscribe to offering tips and tricks to increase your brain power.

Specific Brain Training Exercises

There are certain exercises you can do on a daily basis to help open up the mind and get your creative juices flowing. They rely on getting your left and right brain in sync to make you more responsive and creative.

• Doodling – an easy exercise to start with. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Now, taking a pen in both hands, draw the same thing with both hands at the same time. It can be anything you like. Do this for several minutes.

• Air alphabet – write the alphabet in the air with both your feet at the same time. Now try this with your hands as well. For both your feet and hands, write the alphabet backwards.

Always aim to keep things interesting by doing lots of different things such as crosswords and brain teasers. Try learning new words daily to increase your word power.

Yogic Exercises

Yoga has a whole host of benefits for the mind and body and works to:

• Calm and relax you

• Improve focus and clarity

• Increase memory retention and recall

• Enhance learning

To learn specific exercises that will increase your brain power, it is recommended to try the exercises in ‘How to Develop a Perfect Brain’.

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