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Deep meditative states have a positive impact on your brain and can benefit you tremendously. Meditation relies on accessing different types of brainwaves to affect your mind in many different ways. You may choose to use meditation for a number of different things such as to distress you or help you sleep.

Accessing different types of brainwaves have various effects on the body. For example, theta brainwaves occur between sleeping and waking and enable you to sense things you normally wouldn’t. Those in theta have heightened receptivity and can access information which they may not otherwise have been able to.

An important point to consider – information learned in theta is stored in the long term memory with ease. Thus, using meditation audio CDs is extremely helpful in literally expanding your mind and experiencing super enhanced learning.

Delta is another brainwave associated with meditation. It helps to heal and regenerate the body, so is ideal if you are stressed and in some sort of pain. It is also what enables you to sleep deeply, so is perfect for those with sleep related problems.

Delta is also useful for those who want to access their subconscious mind and want to reprogram it for all sorts of reasons, such as eating disorders and resolving drug/alcohol dependency.

There are other brainwave types such as alpha and beta, but these have different effects and so for the purposes of meditation, theta and delta are the best.


Meditation is the practice of focusing to relax the mind and body and instill calmness throughout both. Meditation is a deep form of relaxation which can reduce stress levels, lower the heart rate and completely calm and center you.

Another benefit of meditation is that it helps balance the right and left parts of the brain so that they are in sync with one another and we achieve what is known as ‘whole brain thinking.’

Whole brain thinking is associated with increased creativity, enhanced learning, improved insight and problem solving ability. It basically gives you the edge and allows you to perform better in daily tasks.

Meditation CDs available from the brain store are perfect for being able to access the amazing qualities that your brainwaves have to offer.

Gamma Meditation

Gamma waves occur during the day and are responsible for:

• Increasing memory

• High level intelligence

• Advanced learning

• High level of focus

Gamma is ideal for meditating as it can be easily accessed by everyone. Studies have pointed to the numerous benefits of gamma meditation and the enhanced mental acuity that it has to offer.

Meditation can have a profound effect on your emotions as well as your intelligence. No brain training program would be complete without it. The brilliant thing about the meditation CDs are that they can be played anytime at your convenience.

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