Thought may be defined as mental activity, conscious or unconscious. Conscious thinking may even be narrowed down to ideational activity, dependent on perception or speculation of what is perceived as real.

Notion is a unique characteristic that is specifically attributed to mankind.

We often find ourselves in uncontrolled random reflection without the discipline to focus and direct our minds as we should. Our ideas and images within our brain can limit the world we live in.

In many cases, contemplation is an underdeveloped characteristic of mankind. Random deliberation without focus draws us away from what is happening right now in the present.

Contemplation has the power to determine the course of your life, therefore your contemplations do create the reality of your life.

Brain improvement requires fixation of perception, control of your thinking patterns and understanding exactly what you want to do with it.

Brain Illusion

We discussed how to focus our mind on the Meditation Page.

One of the synonym's for "Contemplation" is Brainwork. It is self descriptive of exactly what is required to obtain the conception process necessary to improve your brain or intellect to what ever level you desire.

The building block aspect of this page is to: 1. Begin to learn how to meditate so that you can focus your mind. 2. While you're learning how to meditate begin your studies, specifically about deliberation.

Just open the BRAIN CHART link whenever you want to see the overall building block action plan. But for now it is more important to focus on starting with meditation and deliberation studies.

In my case, I started reading and listening to mind concept books and audio-books.

I found that audio-books worked the best for me. I could listened to them while I was driving, taking a walk, exercising or when I went to bed. I even kept a book in the bathroom for those times of extended visits.

I found this to be an excellent way to fit my brainwork plan into my regular lifestyle.

An excellent audio-books company is called AUDIBLE.COM

How you think is extremely important in life. A Brain improvement program requires focused rumination. Meditation is a tool. Healthy and sound thought is one of the best ways to improve you brain.

Once you have your mind in order then you will move onto some brain games, puzzles, language building skills, build a website, build crafts, learn how to juggle, whatever interest's you.

Just a hint though, Brain Games is the next step. You cannot skip over this step. I will explain in detail on the BRAIN GAMES page.

After that, I will help you put your plan together. There is a process of deciding what interest's you have and what would be the best personal choices for your growth. There is more to this plan than just randomly picking a few items that you like to do.

Their must be a beneficial balanced variety of activities, readings, projects and themes to your plan.

So for now let's get meditating and studying contemplation processes. Remember, just take your time and work at your own pace, this is not a race, it is a life changing time. Make the most of it.

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